Lemon Sunrise Crocheted Hat and Pattern

Three new listings went live in my shop just minutes ago! I have a new crochet hat pattern available, as well as two finished hats. Introducing, the Lemon Sunrise Cable Slouch Hat!




Free Pattern: V-Stitch Baby Blanket

V-Stitch Baby Blanket

Designed by Jennifer White



Caron Simply Soft yarn or worsted weight yarn of choice. I used two colors, but you can do it all one, or multiple colors.

Size I hook.


This blanket came out larger than I expected, so it would be a great crib blanket, or even a lap blanket for an adult. It was close to 38 inches square.


Chain 120

2 DC in 3rd chain from hook. *Skip 1, 2 DC in next stitch* across. 1 DC in last stitch. Chain 3, turn.

DC in first DC, *2 DC in space between 2 DCs of previous row*, across. Dc in last DC. DC in turning chain. Chain 3, turn. Repeat this row until piece measures 5”.

Change colors (optional)

Ch 2 and turn

HDC every row for 28” (your complete piece should measure 33”, with the V-stitch section)

Change back to original color (optional)

Ch. 3 and turn.

DC in first stitch, *skip next stitch, 2 DC in next* across, to last 2 stitches. DC in each. Chain 3 and turn.

Dc in each of first 2 DC. * 2 DC in space between 2 DCs of previous row* across. DC in last 2 stitches. Chain 3 and turn.

Repeat the last row for 5”.

Using the same color as the v-stitch sections, single crochet around entire blanket. Fasten off.

Copyright 2018 by Jennifer White

You may sell any items made from this pattern, but you can not sell this pattern, or pass it off as your own.